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It's more than just a shoe store.

We've always walked to the beat of a different drummer.

Our passion for shoemaking started with Terry Armstrong and Lew Hayden. By the 1970's shoemaking was leaving the United States and many of those who remained were cutting corners to compete with less expensive imports. Neither Terry nor Lew wanted to compromise on quality, so in 1976 they quit their jobs in the shoe industry and started SAS. They crafted every shoe by hand, with attention to detail and the best materials available. We wanted our shoes to be so comfortable that you didn't want to take them off! Soon friends told friends about their "really, really, really comfortable new shoes", and before long SAS became a national brand without any national advertising. The shoes we sell today are the result of 30 years of hard work, dedication, and the belief that we must always strive to be better. Every day we work to make sure the SAS name continues to stand for superb craftsmanship and extraordinary comfort. With every step along the way we've made new customers and friends. If you are one of those – we thank you.

If you aren't a customer yet, we invite you to visit an SAS store at Newton Plaza and let our professionals measure your feet, then slide them into a pair of our soft leather comfort shoes.

Experience SAS – you'll be glad you did.