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Excerpts from the Latham Record: Classically stylish, timelessly American, and featuring excellent craftsmanship, Gracie's, Newton Plaza's adorably preppy boutique, has successfully filled a vacant local niche since its inception five years ago.

Owned by a family of discerning fashionistas, matriarch Grace Conway and daughters Clare Conway and Gracie Clark went into the high-end apparel business for themselves back in 2005, after years of having to leave home in order to scour the outlets of New England and Westchester County to find the styles of clothing they loved.

Grace Conway explains that "while our biggest challenge is staying competitive with larger chains, especially with their lower prices and bargains, we have to offer the unique, quality items that aren't found in those stores. If a customer wants something different, something nobody else will have, they come to us. We are very careful to keep track of what is going to be worn where, so that our customers don't have to worry about someone else showing up at he same event in the same dress."

So, if you've always seen Jackie Onassis as a style icon, you can easily embody a modern vision of Jackie's timeless class and style with a visit to the ladies of Gracie's boutique, where you'll be sure to receive the star treatment that the former First Lady herself would have enjoyed...Gracie's is the answer you've been looking for.